CIS Sub-contractor statement for 2015-16

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Hi All,

It's that time of the year again when contractors have to provide CIS payment and deduction statements to all sub-contractors. I see a lot of posts requesting for such feature/report on CB however am unable to find it.

Can you please you please share your workarounds and what methods you use to prepare such statements for the contractors?

Many thanks,

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It might be worth speaking to CB first before you believe my comments. I love CB, i'm just not a huge fan of the CIS functionality so I hardly use it and therefore might be missing something.

Not quick via import method though i'm afraid, we transfer everything across manually on a monthly basis then file the CIS300 returns through MS as well as balancing the P32 report [CIS deductions made/suffered against PAYE liabilities].

Honestly, we transfer all info over into Moneysoft which then of course produces all the reports you need.

I could be wrong but as far as I know the only non-confusing way to give subbies their docs via Clear Books is to go into the return for each month, check to see if the subbie was paid then save down a copy of the relevant PDF - rinse and repeat for 12 months and you're done.

Thank you Kevin.

Will have a look into Moneysoft. Do you know by any chance whether it is possible to import all information contractor/subcontractor information from CB straight onto MS including all payments made and tax withheld?

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