Question asked by Lilian Ortega 6 years ago

How do I generate CIS monthly statements for each subcontractor showing net, CIS RATE wth, CIS amount a total CIS suffered in that period?

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Hi Lilian

If you mean CIS deducted by your customer from you which is CIS suffered, we do not have a report at the moment but we will have one very soon. The development team are working on it and should be available shortly.

As far as CIS deducted by you from Sub Contractor is concerned, head to Reports>CIS Monthly Returns and you should be able to give the start and end of the tax period you want to run it for ( for example 06/05/2016 to 05/06/2016) which should produce a report of all CIS deductions in that period by sub-contractor listing all the payments and deductions. Once you lock and save the return after checking the information, there is a "Download PDF" button for every subcontractor. See screen shot below from a test account.

Hope this answers your question.

Best regards


I am currently running a trial version to make sure Clearbooks works for our organisation.

I am trying to run Monthly Deductions Statement for our sub contractors but when i go into reports, there are no CIS reports option shown.

Is this something that I need to set up and if so, how? Or do I not get this option on the monthly trial? Or do I have to add another package onto the software to enable us to do this?

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