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Question asked by Peter Jeffrey Gale 5 years ago


As my wife and I are the director's and only employees, our company is exempt from, or has opted out of auto enrolment.

However, we still get the occasional message saying; "Please enter your staging date for auto enrolment."

Am I able to stop this message from popping up?


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Every company has a staging date whether or not you are exempt so add that date into the field.

If you are unsure of your Staging date please enter your PAYE ref on the Pensions Regulator website.

Your circumstances may change in the future which is why we still require you to enter your staging date.

As for each employee in payroll if they are exempt (in this case directors) then make sure the pension tab under the employee is set up as shown in the screenshot below. That way everything will be recorded correctly on the system.


Unlikely. Just enter a dummy date as a workaround, won't do any harm.

Thanks for the responses.

Well, yes I did get a Staging Date from the Pension Regulator when they first wrote to me, and I can still find this against my PAYE reference number using the online tool.

However, as a company, we meet the criteria for not being an employer for the purposes of automatic enrolment, and the Regulator has confirmed that, under the Pensions Act 2008, automatic enrolment duties "no longer apply to us".

The help text against the Staging Date entry field says "the date the new laws will apply to you as an employer for the first time" so I am not comfortable entering any date here unless there is also a box to tick saying that the new rules don't apply to us ... I don't won't ClearBooks to start hassling me to do other stuff after this date.

We are aware that we have to inform the Pension Regulator If our company's employer status changes, but that is unlikely to happen before the initial staging date given, if ever, and I don't see that ClearBooks needs to concern itself with that until it actually happens.

I leave it blank for now.

As above, just enter a date 50 yrs from now and be done with it.

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