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VAT mapping on import

Question asked by Nick Broadbent 4 years ago


I would like to be able to set the VAT amount on import. The system does not allow me to map VAT to that column. Please help asap. My VAT return is due in the next few days!




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Hello again - you could import the spreadsheet as bills, recording the VAT, then import it again as "Bill payments' to pay them all off. It would mean you fiddling with it and importing non bill payments as normal, but if there were lots of entries this would work.

Unless you've done it before the format of bills and bill payments CSVs are explained in the tools>Import menu and you can download templates.

The same works for sales, if you need to, with sales payments.

Correct. Yes, I am familiar with doing it that way. It is significantly more time consuming to do it on the web than it would be to do it in excel. I have the basic plan, I wondered if this mapping was available on the more advanced plans? This feature would be a huge time saving. Far less click clicking on the web and ability to get it sorted in excel before importing.

Thank you for the quick response even though it wasn't the answer I was looking for!

Hi Nick,

Unfortunately mapping the VAT rate and treatment on an imported statement is not a feature on any of our plans.

What may possibly help cut down on clicking for you, though, is that you can specify a default VAT rate and treatment for specific customers from the Customer Invoice Defaults on their Edit Contact screen.


This default will then be picked up when you select that customer while explaining a transaction on an imported bank statement and will fill in the appropriate fields automatically.

I hope that helps.

All the best.

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