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Trading as organisation name.

Question asked by Connor Simpson 4 years ago

My limited company is not the same name as my new business, but we are going to state 'trading as'.

In order to separate the accounts for both companies I was going to create a new organisation within my limited company's ClearBooks account, however it has asked me to enter the business registration number.

Would I enter the business registration number of the limited company, or is there another way of doing this?

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In that case everything needs to stay within the same place for bookkeeping purposes, you can't create a new Clear Books profile for one trading arm as it simply wouldn't work. You would only do that if it were a completely separate entity.

I'm posting from my phone on the go at the mo so can't quite remember the best way of handling it in CB but I think 'projects' will probably be the way forward.

Hi Connor

Just to clarify, are you essentially saying you're running more than one business through a single limited company?

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