CIS - can we email the monthly certificate to subcontractors?

Question asked by Taras Vynnytskyy 8 years ago


It has been requested/suggested many times - is it part of CIS roadmap or is it too difficult to implement?

Thanks, Taras

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Should have been an option a long time ago - it's very long winded to select the PDFs manually and email them

Thanks for support Ade. Email functionality is working well with clients invoices and employees payslips, so I assume it should be easily achievable with CIS too. Maybe CB just don't realise how important it is.

Due to how annoying it is I don't actually send the monthly ones out nowadays. I send the remittances with the full breakdown of payment via email instead for speed and simpleness.

It works ok but it would be nice if everyone got their monthly statements automatically after I've submitted a return.

This should be standard. Ridiculous that it's not possible!

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