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Question asked by Mr Sukumar Amin 6 years ago

Dear sir

We are using clear books for our business. We have our accountant who submit the accounts for us, but we have to prepare every thing for him. Accountant double check and sign and submit our account, He is very busy, so we prepared accounts for him. i used old system before and it was very easy but i am confused in clear book. Do you know some one can guide me step by step.

Regards Parul Amin

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Hello Sukumar - are you self employed or a Ltd Company?

If you are a Ltd Company then clear books only ever (briefly) created year end accounts suitable for companies house and then only for very simple companies. They were never suitable for submission to HMRC so I'm confused over what your accountant did.

It is usual for the accountant to take the basic P&L and Balance sheet reports from the bookkeeping and then add the necessary pages for submission to the authorities using the .GOV gateway or 3rd party software.

So, if neither you nor your accountant use 3rd party software to create year end accounts, then you must use the .GOV filing service, filling in the numbers and facts from your bookkeeping. In the past accountants have been able to do this for you by logging in to your Government gateway, but this is being stopped and so either you do it yourself using the gateway or, like most accountants, your accountant has to use 3rd party software.

Dear Paul

Thank you, what we do is send our accountant updated age debtors, full bank statement in CSV file with all the information of receipts and payment with invoice numbers and descriptions.we drew the lines in the CSV bank statement and drag the figures ex-repairs, cleaning, salaries.Accountant take the total of the figures.

It means i will send my accountant balance sheet and P& L & Trial balance than he will pick the account codes and submit our account?

Regards Parul

Hi Parul - I'm sorry I'm completely lost, who does the bookkeeping in Clear Books you or your accountant?

I assumed you are keeping the books in CB, in which case why are you sending him bank statements and aged debtors, surely he should just login to CB?

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