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What plans to expand management information?

Question asked by Andy Miller 4 years ago

What plans are there to expand management information?
3 Examples (I could give more): 1) why is there no payments due report? Currently any company with any number of bills due in any week has to mess about cutting and pasting into a spreadsheet wasting employee time. 2)Why cant remittance advice be created from money out 3)The exports available seem totally random in terms of the info they contain. For instance whats the point of a PO report that does not tell you the product?

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Hi Andy,

I can raise these as individual requests and keep you updated if there are any developments in future

  1. Do you currently copy the data from the sales>Invoices>unpaid menu (or purchases>Bills>Unpaid) to get the information you need?

  2. Remittance can be created for both invoices/bills and payments. When you say money out do you mean an option to send this from the Purchases>Money out menu?

  3. The PO export does not currently include items - is this what you mean by the name of the product?

  4. Strangely we have two different results for the exports on both the Tools>Export menu and the Contacts>Customers menu - the Contacts>Customers export option does include country.

Also, why have a customer export that does not tell you the country!! Cant you just include all fields in this. Several hours work is involved for an export analysis because you dont include this!

Andy - re 1 the Aged creditors or Aged debtors reports are the traditional way to see payments due?

John. To answer your questions

1) Purchases>bills>Unpaid 2)Yes 3)Yes 4) I had not realised this and this will help a bit. Having VAT Treatment (another illogical missing field) in the sales line and purchase line exports would give the whole export report

John / Paul The thing I dont get is a Payments Due report is so basic to an accounting system that it is something I did not think to check when assessing ClearBooks. Our example is typical of almost any small to middling company - at a busy time of year we maybe have 50 or so bills to pay each week to 7-10 suppliers the bills need listed (their invoice number, our PO number, date of bill, date due) and summed for each supplier. The remittance advice consists of this info sent to the customer to match the payment proof from the bank sent with it. I cant see anything unusual or different to any other company in this. My question, as an example of a wider lack of management info is are you going to keep users for ever cutting and pasting to do this work?

Attached is an example of a simple remittance advice we send (without the suppliers name). Our payments due report is the same as this except it has all the suppliers with bills due that week listed one after the other. It is summed for each currency due (we deal in Euros,. Dollars and Sterling.


Hi Andy - can't really help any further but, as a general comment, it has always been the case that one person's essential or even logical features will be regarded by others as unnecessary or superficial and if any supplier tried to build in every feature that could ever be needed they'd end up with the sort of software that Sage & Quickbooks desktops became, ie cumbersome and bloated.

With thousands of users the providers can only respond to enhancements requested by a significant number of them and, in this case, I've rarely seen people complaining at this lack of functionality and, if my clients are anything to go by, they make use of the aged creditors, unpaid bills list (sorted in due date order), supplier statements or even the BACS export to manage their payable lists.

It's not been mentioned in the above responses, but have you looked at the suppliers' statements or clicked on the totals on aged creditor reports, which give you a report you can download in CSV or PDF of the bills making up that total?


Appreciate the point of view but I cant think of many companies that dont need to create a payables report if they are dealing with more than say 20 bills a month. The point is that you need the bills grouped and totalled that are due in any one week. Yes any company can create one - my point is simply if all medium sized companies are one then are they are plans to create one.

OK Andy - fair enough, I have no axe to grind, it may just be that, as with the UK as a whole, over 95% of CB's businesses are probably Micro entities, with less than 20 bills a month to pay?


I had meant to say 20 bills a week as well.

Aside from existing customers with relatively few tweaks Clearbooks is suitable for small to middle sized businesses. Management info is ombre of the areas that will make a difference in attracting them though.

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