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Question asked by Graham Stewart 8 years ago

Are there any plans to improve the security of the ClearBooks service to add a multi-factor authentication capability for users? Today all my financial records, bank details, personal information (and those of many 3rd parties) etc. are protected by a very simple password. Is it possible to add the capability to receive an SMS code, email or phone call to validate a user before they are able to access the system? This technology is now widespread for Apple, HMRC, Microsoft, GMAIL etc. - does anyone know when will it be available for ClearBooks?

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Hi Graham,

I think some initial work has been done on this, however, adding to our login system is a complex process and going to take some time. I shall raise it as a new request with our product team to review and I will keep you updated with their decision as to when this will be added into our roadmap.

I appreciate this is a complex request, but I just wanted to ask about it as I am already surrounded by cloud solutions that use this security approach. I feel that my personal account with Apple storing a few photos shouldn't really be accessed in a more secure way than my core business system.

Many thanks for the response and will look forward to hearing their response.

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