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Question asked by Sean Harrison 4 years ago

Hi guys,

Clearbook allows us to customise a few of the emails that are dispatched and can include some limited HTML mark-up. Unfortunately, we they split the email between various templates rather than customising the whole email on one page it can be difficult to design HTML emails.

This got me thinking, has anyone made any good templates for their emails which is more than formatted text? E.g. included background, logos, etc? Would you be happy to share?

Thanks, Sean

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Hello Sean,

User designed templates can be found by heading to Settings > Configure systems > Invoice themes. At the top of the screen select Templates. Here you will find a database containing all published user-generated designs for invoices.

Thanks, Theo

Hi Theo, I was more talking about email templates rather than invoice templates.

Oops, my apologies I miss read your initial post.

I will forward this request on to our development team for review.

Thanks, Theo

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