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Question asked by Julie Woodhouse 8 years ago


I'm currently running a 1 month trial on Clearbooks to see if the software will work for our requirements before committing.

We are within the construction industry (A Limited Company) and carry out work for customers which is subject to CIS tax deductions. We also employ sub contractors whereby we also deduct CIS.

Up to now we have been maintaining records on excel but as the company is growing, we need to look for a more efficient way of keeping the records.

I have managed to set up customers and raise invoices with the CIS showing on the invoice. This side of it does not appear to be causing me any problems at the moment.

However, with regards to the sub contractors we employ, I have set these up as suppliers selecting the correct invoice options and this does not seem to be posing any issues at the moment.

Before I input any further information, I would like to ensure I can get the reports I require. I do not appear to be able to view any reports for CIS and in fact there does not seem to be any options for CIS. When I search CIS, there are no results shown.

What i need to be able to do is run a report for CIS suffered, CIS deducted and also monthly statements for the sub contractors.

How do I run these reports?

Many thanks

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Hi Julie,

The link Kevin posted has many useful guides on CIS.

I think two in particular are relevant to the questions you have asked.

The following guide describes the CIS suffered report:

The guide below describes how to create a CIS return. The return contains the subcontractor statements and you will be able to view and download these after creating the return.

I hope this helps.

All the best.

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