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Question asked by Geraldine Clare Ramsay 5 years ago

Hi. I need to add four lines of standard text to one of my invoice templates. This is so that I can add details of the company I am invoicing on behalf of. I can't locate a template that will allow me to do this. Ideally it needs to be a non-VAT template too as I am not registered for VAT. Help!

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Hi Geraldine,

Where about's on the invoice would you ideally like the text to appear? The invoice themes allow you to add text to the payment text in the payment table at the bottom, however, there are no options to add default text to the top half of the invoice

How about using project invoices, where you set up invoice details that are different to your own? Businesses use these where they have different divisions or businesses under one roof.

They can be enabled in Toggle features.

Thanks. Yes, I wanted to add text to the top half of the invoice. I invoice on behalf of clients and ideally need an area where I can have text containing their company details as well as my own and the customers. My work around for now is to cut and past info into the "Summary" section every time, but I'd like to be able to create an invoice template that had it there perminantly.

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