Question asked by Julie Woodhouse 8 years ago


We signed up last week following a free trial and was under the impression that if we selected 1 years subscription at a cost of £18.90 per month that we would pay this amount by monthly direct debit. However, the annual subscription amount of £226.80 has been taken in a single payment.

Is this correct? If so, I believe that the offer of £18.90 is a bit misleading as I cant recall seeing that it is an annual charge which equates to £18.90 per month.

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Hi Julie,

Yes, that price is correct. Our Pricing page gives a breakdown of the cost to show the discounts per month you would receive, according to the length of the subscription.

I agree that this could be much clearer and I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We are currently working on the Subscriptions area, so there should be some improvements here soon.

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