PO due date not showing

Question asked by Natalie Collinson 4 years ago

When entering a PO, the PO DUE DATE field automatically populates to +1 month, and is editable.

However, when viewing the PO in PDF format, the due date field is not present anywhere.

How do I activate this feature, I cannot see it in settings anywhere?


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I've logged it as a new request now and will keep you updated with any progress. I have a feeling this may have to be a toggle as it may be one of those features that some want and others don't.

Hi Natalie,

I think the due date is shown on the PO creation form purely to be used when the PO is converted to a bill - as the PO is not a request for money the due date is not shown on the PDF.

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.

Is this an option that can be included for future update considerations?

We are in the engineering business and have had several instances recently where companies have been really slow in delivering since our PO's did not specifically quote our required due date. I notice a lot of PO's we receive from other firms seem to quote this as standard.

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