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Question asked by Taras Vynnytskyy 7 years ago

It would be immensely helpful to all of CB clients that use CIS feature to be able to email monthly CIS statements to each subcontractor straight from Clearbooks. At the moment we need to download each PDF and email them individually from external email software. Please add to your roadmap.

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Hi Taras,

Thank you for the suggestion!

I understand that this would be greatly beneficial to all our ClearBooks users. I will raise this suggestion with our development team and hopefully it can be implemented in the near future.

Thanks, Tommy

Hi Tommy - I know it looks good if the number of unanswered community posts is kept to a minimum but there have been a lot of these automatic scripted replies recently that actually achieve the opposite of a good message.

In the past, support people have checked on the questions with others in support and the devs first before answering, so that a more "human" massage is put out, even if it's "no, sorry".

The above is a perfect example, poor Taras is extremely patient and deserves better:

This feature has been requested by many, over many years, the problem is that if you keep clearing requests with scripted responses nobody, including the devs, can ever spot a trend for something really helpful and, let's be honest, in this case, something that should have been there from when the CIS contractor's statement was first introduced.

I've spoken to users and accountants who won't use CB's CIS because this feature is lacking.

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