Explaining bank transactions after import

Question asked by Steve Coom 5 years ago

Have Imported bank transactions, all looks good. Go to "explain" the transaction Fill in the details - looks good Get prompted for "We need a few more details to set up your account." Fill in the details .. save .. go back to the transactions to "explain" - and nothing gets changed

Its probably obvious .... but this is driving me nuts - i cant "explain" any transactions because of this



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Good Afternoon Steve,

This is begin caused because you currently do not have a tax period that covers the bill date (04/01/2016) of the invoice.


You can add this by heading to Settings > Organisation > Details & Tax, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the switch to tax a VAT scheme link which will bring you to the page above. Allowing you to enter a backdated tax period.

I hope this helps, Theo

Fantastic - I knew it was me :)

Thanks for the quick response and help

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