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Creating a statement for a client

Question asked by Rebecca Russell 8 years ago

I have a couple of clients that are overdue in paying their invoices. They have other invoices that are coming up towards the payment due date and I would like to send them a statement of all their outstanding invoices. Whilst I can run a report of their outstanding invoices for my own use, I don't seem to be able to create a statement on the system that I can print out and send to them. It would be very helpful if I could. What do other users think?

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Hi Rebecca,

If you click on the name of the customer you should be directed to the customer overview. There should be a PDF statement button which you can print out and send - or you could use the 'Email Statement' button which would send a copy of the PDF statement to the customer. (make sure to toggle on 'Email with attached PDF' in Settings>Organisation>Toggle Features>Invoicing & Expenses).

I can find no way to email a statement even though there is an Email Statement Template. I can find no way to actually send the email to the supplier.

Hi Nick,

This will be because you are currently using the Dutch offering that we no longer support. Once you subscribe to our UK product this functionality should become available to you.

Thanks, Theo

How to email a statement for a particular date?

Hi Virendra,

This is not possible at the moment, but is noted down in our backlog.


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