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Question asked by Kim Stevenson 5 years ago


Is it possible to delete old clients from our customers list, without it effecting the accounts side.

For example, client has an invoice from 2013 but we want to delete them of our system, tidy up our current customers, but not effecting the invoice from 2013?

It looks like the system does not allow me to delete a client anyway if there is an invoice.

thanks Kim

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Hi Kim

No - you can't delete a customer, if you were able to then the transactions would have no customer name and so would not comply with the need to keep accounting records for 7ish years.

You can though archive the customer (in the edit screen) which means that it no longer appears in dropdown lists but is still there on the contact screen (marked archived) .

As I don't want to clutter the contacts screens with defunct customers and suppliers I also add "ZZ" to the front of the client's name so they all get relegated to the Z list.

Hi Kim,

No, contacts cannot be deleted, however, they can be archived. This will remove them from showing up as an option in drop-down boxes and nothing that is associated with that contact can be affected.

To archive a contact, please go to Contacts> Customers> Edit contact (underneath the desired contact)> Archive.

Thanks Paul, That helps lots. I will give it a go.

Aran - we must stop this "great minds" stuff.

My next question, Is there a way of exporting customer address etc who we have invoiced over the last few years? We are working on a mail out. thank

Hi Kim,

Yes. You can download customer details into a CSV file by going to Tools> Export> Export> [select dates and Data type] Customers> Go. The same goes for Suppliers.

Thank you. I dont have access but others do, which has worked out well. thanks

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