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Question asked by Jim McAtear 3 years ago

Hi Has the "default" sort on this screen changed recently? I know I click any of the columns to sort it anyway i need, however my screen seems to automatically display different than before which i think was on ID

Thanks Jim

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Jim, I have some more information...

If you order by any other column, we save the ordering to a cookie and remember it for your session. However, if you log out, then log in again, it should go back to the default.

Hi Aran is this still ongoing with the technical team ?

Thanks Jim

Hi Jim,

No, as the problem appeared to be with the browser malfunctioning, the task was completed.

Hi Aran So what your saying is that i have to use a different browser than my default for clearbooks? as I mentioned in this post earlier I've been using Firefox as my default for some time now and this issue has only happened recently


Yes, that's correct. Sometimes browsers just start randomly malfunctioning with no change having been made in relation to the software's interaction with them.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Hi Aran Just a quick note to say that firefox seems to working correctly again, we had an update last week

Thanks Jim

Ah that's great!

Thanks for letting me know, Jim.

Hi Jim,

As far as I gather, there have been no changes. The default sorting is still by bill number.

Hi Aran I've logged in this morning and this is how my screen is displayed (see screenshot) I haven't sorted anything.


Okay, Jim,

I have passed this by our technical team and created a task for them to investigate. I will get back to you when I have an update.

Hi Aran A Bit more information for you. this problem looks like a browser issue. I'm using Firefox 61.0 as my default browser and that seems to be the problem. On Chrome it sorts in ID order as you say, however firefox seems to be the problem here. I'm a bit confused though as I've used firefox for sometime now anf haven't noticed this issue until recently.

Thanks Jim


Thank you for that information. Strangely, sometimes browsers just start malfunctioning randomly so I suggest that you continue to use Firefox when using Clear Books from now onwards.

I will update the task with our technical team with this so that they are aware of this particular problem.

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