Made an error with date when entering expense - how to amend

Question asked by Mike Ashworth 2 years ago


I paid for a couple of items out of my own pocket whilst company was getting underway, so did a "money out" from my director loan account as you;d expect. Only issue is i entered the date wrong. It's not a biggie but i'd like it all to be nice and correct.

in the attached image you can see that the bank date i used was 31st Jan 2018. It should have been 31st Dec 2017.

I cant see where i can amend the date, so i was going to delete the payment #104 using the delete button at the top and re-enter them with the correct date.


before i do this do i need to deallocate the individual items in the screenshot or the delete of payment #104 will take care of all this.



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Hi Mark,

There are several ways you could do this, but let's just go with the delete option.

When you click delete, the system should ask you if you would like to delete just the payment or the payment and the two invoices.

You could delete just the payment in this case. This would leave those two bills unpaid.

Next, you can head to Money>Bank accounts and use the money out option to create the correct payment. When you explain the money out, select Ryman in the from box and both these bills should appear. Hit the allocate to existing bill button beside each of these bills and then Add transaction to complete.

That's worked a treat. Thankyou

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