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Question asked by Paul Green 4 years ago

Hi all, For the last five years we've been stuck doing our payroll manually. This is the first month I get to run it from a batch file. What I need to know is: How do I output the payroll data as a CSV file? I don't need to do this for a week, but thought I'd have a dry run and it's less than obvious.

I see the bankline export - I've clicked it, but it started asking what account to use so not wanting to mess with our data, I bottled it and didn't go any further.

I've seen the CSV payslip export which doesn't export the fields needed.

What I would like to know is whether there is a way to export a custom CSV, or whether the bankline one will be sufficient to use after a bit of editing in Excel?

The format Metro require is:

SortCode, Name, AccountNo, Value, Reference

Thanks Pg

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Hi Paul,

You should be able to click the Export Natwest/RBS Bankline button and open this file into a spreadsheet software. You can then rearrange the columns as per Metro's required format.


Hi Tommy

For years I have been exporting using Export Natwest/RBS Bankline and the output has been a txt file

Now last month it has started exporting csv, which has buggered up my macros

Did something change your end?

all the best James

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