2 different vat rates on one single purchase bill

Question asked by gary wyatt-williams 1 year ago

Good morning.

we have a purchase bill that needs 2 different vat amounts added to it. One is 20% on £37 of the bill, the other is 0% on the remaining £6 as its a charity donation. How do I do this please?

many thanks lisa

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Sorry, I am not clear. It is not one bill that needs to have two VAT rates on it, but two separate bills?

The Add new line link is available on all bills.

Hi Lisa,

You would add two line items and use a different VAT rate for each line. You can add another line item to a bill by clicking on 'Add new line' when editing it.

hi aran, that wont show up as we have received 2 bills then?

Ah, no problem, Lisa!

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