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Question asked by W J Embleton 1 year ago

As a contractor paying a number of subs weekly and stopping CIS, we submit the CIS return monthly to hmrc. We have just started using clearbooks to make the monthly submission but continue to pay the amount by bank transfer using the Gov gateway. How do we enter the fact that the monthly amount has actually been paid into Clearbooks? (We can see the return in Clearbooks but no way to mark it as paid).

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Did you add the transaction on the explain form?


It then takes to you to the completed screen below:


If that has been done, there are several ways to find the transaction, however, as an example it should appear on the Purchases>All menu - select the contact you used from the explain screen in the search filters and the payment should be in the list:


If you have any problems though just email and we can investigate on your account if you like.


The payment has to be added manually to Clear Books - you can do this from the Money>Bank accounts menu by clicking on the money out link beside your bank account or if you import statements you can explain the payment. When explaining, use the CIS creditor account code.

We tried to add the march CIS payment using money out link beside bank account 1 but now cannot find any trace of the entry (should show £5861 paid to hmrc on 17 April.

Thank you John, I followed your answer step by step and it worked like a charm. Please mark this question as answered.

Oh excellent - glad I could help, have a great day!

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