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Fitting Profit and Loss onto one page

Question asked by Alisha Baimbridge 8 months ago


Previously we have always been able to view a whole years P+L on one page and now we have to scroll to view the last month and total column. We have always had to scroll to view the balance sheet whole year but that seems to now all fit onto one page as if they have both switched. Is there a way to get the Profit and Loss to fit back onto one page without scrolling horizontally ?

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It looks as though this is now in testing so should be released fairly soon. Same treatment for the Cashflow too.

Hi Alisha,

We have recently updated the width of the Balance sheet and this will hopefully be updated for both the P&L and Cashflow too. I will update you as soon as this is done.

Yes, this was unfortunate when it changed. I presume it was something to do with making it compatible with touch screens, but it's less good for us desk-bound PCs.

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