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Bill detail by account code report

Question asked by Mike Higgins 7 months ago

This report gives me exactly what i want but there is no click box to download as pdf OR download to CSV how do I get an output of this

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Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, we would not be looking to change the way the report works at present. This is due to the fact that the information that it provides is easily accessible from the purchase ledger and purchase line items export. I will make a note of your suggestion, however, and pass this onto our development team for consideration.

All the best,


Hi Mike,

May I suggest using the purchase ledger export from under Tools > Export > Export. This should provide you with the detail you seek. You may also use the Purchase line items export.

All the best,


Thanks for the reply Mohamed,

I have done that today but my point still stands - we have a report, that has no way of being turned into a csv file or printed in a formatted page format.

Are we saying that no update will be done to give this functionality in a timeely fashion, and that effectively if we have difficulties with any report the reply will be - "go to export" where I have to then spend 20 minutes formatting all of the columns and deleting / hiding columns and formatting report headers and footers, and Summary of financial information, to be able to get a printable report

Mike Higgins

Thanks for your quick reply

Disappointed Mike

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