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Import Sales Invoice but to exclude from VAT returns - how?

Question asked by Paul Barnes 6 months ago

I need to import big multi-line csv files to sales invoices but fields need to be as follows:

VAT Treatment - Out of Scope - Not on VAT Return and on each line: VAT - exclude from VAT Return

What can i put in the Line VAT rate on the upload csv to make it do this? Otherwise I have to go down every line and manually change the dropdown box to Exclude from VAT return.

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Hi Paui,

Can I ask you to raise this as a support ticket by emailing support@clearbooks.co.uk so that I can investigate the issue further?

All the best,


Hi Paul,

For the VAT rate you will put 0.00:OUT as your VAT rate and this will set the line to exclude. As the lines are set to exclude, the invoice will be set to out of scope.

All the best,


Hi - I just copied and pasted your solution 0.00:OUT in the Line VAT Rate column and it didn't work - uploaded the invoice as Goods & Services to UK Customer. Each line at 0% VAT?

Sorry - clarify my response. The csv uploaded but the uploaded lines on the invoice were uploaded showing 0% VAT - so I have to go through and manually change using the dropdown.

If you have access it was invoice number 5146

Hi Mohamed - I have lodged a support request online.

Hi Paul,

Thank you.

All the best,


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