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Where to expense companies house fees

Question asked by Mike Ashworth 7 months ago

Hi, Just a quick question. Which expense category are people charging the following to in clearbooks

  1. annual confirmation statement fee

  2. filing fee for annual accounts

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I'm using general admin 4004001 (as advised by my accountant)

Hi Mike,

I am afraid we would not be able tot advise on this and I would suggest speaking to an accountant to get some advice on the best account codes to use. Most likely you would need to create a new account code to use for these.

All the best,


Hi, hanks for your reply.

I was just looking to see what other limited company owners using clearbooks were doing with these expenses.

Any ltd co owners who can tell me what expense category (exisiting or new) they are booking these to?


Hi Mike,

I am afraid I do not have any information on what other company owners are using, you could potentially ask other users on the forum here to provide you with more information.

All the best,


Hi Pete,

Thank you very much for sharing the answer on this! That's helpful.

All the best,


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