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Question asked by Denesh 8 months ago


I've added a fixed asset that I forgot to create back on Dec 01 2020. after refreshing a new management report or going to #popular reports' -> balance sheet, it does not display the cost price of the fixed asset or value of the FA I just created.. it is within the period range . it is only showing ' Fixtures & fittings acc dep (7002001) ' that is it... it is under ' Plant & equipment '

any reason why?

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Hi Danesh,

You should not, no. I would advise raising this as a ticket with us as I do not have access to your account to investigate further.

contact support

All the best,


Hi Danesh,

Have you generated the fixed asset journals under the tool? Does the asset say pending?

All the best,


Hi not pending.

I created the FA with depreciation using tools-> fixed assets. it has created multiple journals for depreciation : 'Depreciation of COMPUTER (FA - 0001)'

Do i need to create a journal first then created a fixed asset?

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