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Question asked by Valentino Mariotto 4 months ago

Hi all, I am an IT guy and don't have any experience with accounting. I'm tasked with developing a front-end customer portal. We would like to automate some processes from out front-end, such as the production of invoices and refund notes. Invoices seem straightforward enough. I am wondering though, what would be the correct procedure for issuing a refund and which APIs are relevant?

I suppose that we should use the VoidInvoice and VoidPayment methods. But then how do we produce a credit note? Do I have to generate a new invoice with a negative amount? how? which invoice type? Is there anything else that I'm missing? Thank you for your help

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Hi Valentino,

If you create an invoice via the API with a negative value. It will automatically be converted into a refund by the system. This is how you would post a refund via the API.

All the best.,


Hi Valentino,

You're more than welcome.

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