Applying a discount via API

Question asked by Merlin lyons 1 year ago

Is it possible, when creating an invoice through the API, to specify a discount? There's an input field for discount in the web interface but the API specs make no mention of a discount field.

If not, please add this functionality - it should be quick and trivial to implement.

Also, can we PLEASE have a REST API.

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Hi Merlin,

I am afraid that this is not possible at present. I will pass your feedback on to our product team. Having said that, one workaround might be to add negative line items for the discount into your invoices.

All the best,


Thanks, that's what I assumed and have implemented..

(The headers returned from your API make me think it could be a while before new functionality may be implemented! :) )



Hi Merlin,

That is correct. I am glad that this works for you.

All the best,


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