How do I Convert bank statements in PDF format to CSV format? Thanks

Question asked by Jo Willcox 8 years ago

I am just getting started and need to transfer my bank statements that I only have in PDF to the acceptable versions required by CLearbooks. CAn anyone help. I am not very technical and the easiest way possible would help!! I don't have editor rights on Adobe / PDF software.

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Hi Jo

Michael's right, by far the easiest way is to download CSVs from the bank however, from my clients' experiences, this isn't always possible, in that some banks only allow downloads going back so far.

There are several software offerings around designed specifically to take PDF statements and convert them to CSVs however they tend to be used by accountants who may make use of them regularly and may not be that cheap. For a one-off cost you can get Able2Extract - - which I've used for years to convert PDFs to Excel & Word.

I've also been using Nuance PDF converter - - which mimics Adobe's PDF writer (Acrobat), is a lot cheaper and, I've found, works much better.

It might be you only need to use it once but it can still be worth the cost if to manually enter the transactions would take you days.


Hi Jo,

There isn't a way you can convert PDF's to a .csv format. Are you downloading your statements from your online bank account?
You will have the option to download it as a .csv file. The best thing to do is contact your bank.



Thanks very much, I have managed to download in a dfiferent format. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Thanks Paul, I have been able to download half of my statement but still have the PDF Problem with the other half, I will give this a try in the hope to save that long and dull manual entry!! Thanks very much for your response.

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