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Question asked by Robert Albert 8 years ago

I tend to find clients give me a whole bunch of invoices and as a result I have to do batch entry to save time. Has anyone developped an excel spreadsheet template to import or are Clearbooks developing a better batch entry system?

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Hi - yes you can import via csv, the Tools/Import menu contains a Sales Invoices & Bills import option and tells you what columns it needs. I have used this alot when importing opening debtors & creditors when clients transfer their books over, it's far quicker than the batch import (or the getting started debtors/creditors - if from start of period).

Robert, with regard to the batch entry screens you can use the keyboard for most of it (eg tab, space bar, first letter of name, arrow keys etc) the date field however does slow things up.

I'm fairly new around here but was under the impression you could already batch import SIN & PIN?

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