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Hi Nigel,

To delete a recurring invoice on Clear Books, please head to Sales > Invoices > Recurring and click on the invoice #. Once you've done this, click on Delete Template and the recurring invoice will be deleted.

Kind regards,


thankyou Berhan - i did spend some time trying to work this out - in the end it was simpler than I had realized

I have asked this in the past, so there's obviously some work to be done on the UI here.

The inconsistency is as follows:

  • Go through to the invoice's edit view, there is no option to delete
  • Go through to the invoice's read view, the option to delete is present

In my opinion it should be primarily present on the edit option, but ideally on both. Can the button be added to the edit screen too to avoid the above?

Hi Shaz

I don't really see it as a feature request, I see it as a way to reduce the burden on your support team as the interface is inconsistent and as a result is causing repetitive questions to be posed which you need to answer... :)

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your wonderful suggestion which I very much respect, as I can see the benefit of having a delete option in edit view. However, this is a feature request, which would need to gain votes from other CB's users in order to be considered for implementation by our development team above other ideas. Therefore, I will go ahead and convert this post as an idea. Will keep you updated once the delete button is added.

I wish you all the best,


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