How do you unallocate a payment from an invoice - incorrectly matched?

Question asked by Trish Pepper 8 years ago

I have matched a payment to a more current invoice in error do i un match it and allocate to an older invoice?

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Hello Kevin,

If the payment is allocated to the invoice and it is a REC invoice or PAY bill, then the entire invoice/bill will need to be deleted. The amount will then go back to the bank import if an import was used. If no import was used, the payment will need to be added again.

So yes, there is no method to unallocate the payment without deleting the payment.



Hi Trish,

Head to Sales>Invoices>Paid and click on the invoice number which was allocated to in error. Hit the Void button and when prompted delete just the payment. You can now re-allocate the payment (was this from an imported statement?) to the correct invoice.

I need to reallocate a payment that has been mismatched. But It won't let me delete a payment if its been included on a VAT return?

Is there a way round this?

Hi Julie,

Would you mind emailing your query to us at with details of the transaction you are trying to correct, please? We can then take a look at your account and advise further.

Many thanks.

Kind Regards, Natasha

I'm guessing it's not possible to just unallocate the payment without actually deleting it?

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