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Question asked by Carole Jordan 9 years ago

currently journal screen only allows a narrative for the whole page. Hence multiple entry journals are not possible. It would speed entry of adjustments and opening balances if each line had a narrative. Can this be done?

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Hi Carole you get my vote.

Other systems use the "headline" narrative as the default for each line but this enables you to amend individual lines if you need more info.

Ruth - reversing journals is a Toggle feature, is that what you mean?

Best Paul

And a multiple date function so you can enter an accrual and do the reversal on the same page. It's time consuming to do one journal, save it, go back to the 'all' page, select the journal, copy it, add a day and then reverse the entries. Multiple date is available on SAGE and PSF and makes a lot of sense!

Hi Ruth

Definitely worth looking through the 50 ish Toggle features, they are one of CB's best features as they enable accountants to far better tailor the software to each client. Other Cloud systems are OK for general bookkeeping but if the client isn't a close fit there's always compromise. Similarly, with the user roles, where you can, again, turn on/off features you want your clients to see or not see. I've found this really helpful in training as you can let them in gradually to the system.

I don't know what that means! I don't have anything on the Toggle page to reverse a journal - should I have? I wanted an option to add multiple dates onto a journal entry eg

31/12/13 Debit Rent Credit Accruals 01/01/14 Credit Rent Debit Accruals

so I can enter the above on one page. Is there a way of doing this???!!

Paul I have just found it!! Thankyou :-)

Hi Ruth - that's good, I had to check it hadn't vanished!

Paul - many thanks - it always seemed odd there wasn't a simpler way of doing it!. I use Clearbooks for one client a few days a month (usually in a rush) and have never really explored what it can do - I wonder what else is in Toggles :-)

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