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Question asked by Edward Watkins 8 years ago


Quick question, how does Open Payroll integrate with auto enrolment pensions? Is it as simple as adding the monthly pension contribution % to the payroll info, and can it account for employer contributions and related taxes etc.?

Specifically the providers we are looking at are NEST, Now:Pensions and the People's Pension (all multi-employer pension providers)

Thanks, Ed

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Hi Jack

In short, Clear Books should support The People's Pension as the system was built to be generic so we could support different providers.

However you may need to tweak the CSV files that you download to send to your pension provider. This can easily be done in Excel or another spreadsheet software.

May I enquire as to what classifies as 'pensionable pay' for the pension you have selected? Currently, Clear Books treats all earned pay (pre-tax payments) as pensionable pay which means contributions are based on this total.

If you have any further queries our dedicated Pensions team are available via email at

Best regards


Hi Clearbooks,

If our company doesn't wish to go with NEST for auto enrolment, how would it work for us?

Any update on this feature?

And silence again..... Xero beckons I fear.

Sad really, I have enjoyed supporting Clearbooks and it has worked well for me for a number of years. However, we have chosen Now:Pension which is the best fit for our company but happen to use net pay arrangements, which seems to be simple enough for other payroll packages to implement, but not apparently worth the effort for CB. I guess if the thinking is that if small business will be herded into the NEST option then it makes some sense, but not for me.

And an update re NEST, 10 months on, would be great if possible!

Could anyone from the Clearbooks Team advise if The Peoples Pension will be supported by your payroll software?

Many Thanks.

Is there now a direct integration with NEST or is this achieved using the standard pension scheme form currently available? I.e. is there any sort of feedback loop between clearbooks and nest or will i have to come back and adjust the contribution percentages for staff as they increase?


Hi Dave,

My understanding is that the only way Clear Books communicates with NEST is through your submission of the report. Nothing comes back automatically, therefore if values are changing in a manner dictated by nest this would need to be adjusted manually in Clear Books.

I hope this helps,

All the best.

Hello Ed,

Clear Books will be integrating with NEST. The integration features will depend on the NEST programme and we will be looking to see what features will be brought into Clear Books.

We will be aiming to add the other integrations in the future but this is mainly after HMRC have standardised the pension enrolment requirements.



Hi, Having chosen Standard Life for our auto-enrolment pension scheme it suggests using basic pay earnings. However at present there are only two options in Clearbooks,pensionable earnings and qualifying earnings. Why is the basic pay option not available please?


Do you have any rough timescale for when the NEST integration will be ready? Weeks, months or years?

Thanks, Colin

Hello Colin,

Currently we do not have an ETA on this as the development team are still trying to figure things out with NEST and the integration with them. Sorry about that. We will be posting a blog post when the feature is added so please do keep checking back.




I have refund back from NEST pension company in my bank . How do i explain in bank statement in clear book?

Regards Parul

Hi Parul - what account code did you use when explaining the payment to Nest originally (or on the bill - if you created a bill)?

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