Issuing applications for payment

Question asked by Martin Hannington 8 years ago

Issuing applications for payment

HI Guys not sure if anyone else is having issue, but as a subcontractor to a main contractor in the construction industry we have a self-billing agreement in place, this means that we cannot issue an invoice for works done but have to issue an application for payment.

It would appear that this is not available in claerbooks so we have been advised by clearbooks to issue an invoice, this now causes a problem when we receive payment, as the payment often differs from our invoice amounts meaning we have to cancel the invoice (As it’s a cis based invoice and cannot be edited) and issue a new one to match the payments, the problem here is that the invoice numbers do not now match on their remittance.

I know that we could do a PO or keep the invoice as a draft however the amounts invoiced are not then entered into the system allowing us to track payments due and account in future projections, plus this seems a bit of a compromise.

I know that clear books have a lot of construction based customers and so would have thought they would have made application for payments available. Has anyone had similar problems a known a work around or am I missing something?? Appreciate any advice on this

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Create the invoice as advised but just analyse it to standard sales/revenue instead of the 'CIS sales @ 20%' or whatever Clear Books defaults to when you use the CIS functionality. That way you'll be able to edit the invoice as required.

I've wrote about this subject a fair few times. The subbie side of things within the CIS functionality works a treat but i'd say the sales side has its limitations so I don't currently use it.

Hi Martin,

Kevin is correct, that would do the job. An extension of this would be to create an invoice theme where you change the labels so that you can call it 'Application for Payment' rather than invoice at the top to prevent any confusion.

If you need anything further, please let me know.


That's great that is lots better then the system we are using at present, many thanks

You'll of course have to deal with the CIS deductions suffered slightly differently....

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