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Question asked by Stanley Nykamp 7 years ago

Hi All,

When typing repetitive info into Clear Books the (Chrome) browser (or Clear Books) saves into a buffer this so next time it's there and so saves keystrokes - great facility but maybe needs a small improvement. Is there a way that you can delete what's in this buffer. I still have 14s coming up but am now typing 15s e.g. my date is 150121 (21st Jan) but suggestions of 140121 keep coming up - how do I delete/clear that?

Any suggestions?

Cheers Derek

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Hi Derek,

This is a browser-related feature, and whilst poorly-documented online, there is a facility in these browsers to remove items that you would rather it didn't continue suggesting.

Whilst highlighting an item you no longer wish to see, use the following keyboard combination:

SHIFT + DEL, or if you are on a Mac that does not have a DEL key, then FN + SHIFT + BACKSPACE should work.

That should stop those suggestions from re-appearing until you explicitly enter them as values again.

Hope this helps.

Fabulous, that works like a dream. Thanks David.

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