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Question asked by Richard Newstead 6 years ago

There is a useful list here:

But some of the firms/names have a tick against them and I cannot see what that means. Are they the ones that make the best coffee - or is there some other significance to the tick?



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Well said Paul.

I almost included a line about that in my email to you earlier but didn't want to cause a fuss. I also realised i'd end up even further down the list than I currently am based on the league table format!

On a slightly different note, this place needs a signature section like all other forums so I can link to my site or at least to my CB Directory listing. Even clicking on ones name tells the user nothing. I enjoy helping the Community first and foremost but it would of course be nice to pick up the occasional referral for the effort.

Thoughts as a Partner.

A directory should be just that, a directory.

If, as in this case, you publish a directory with bias, then the bias should be published alongside it. As a small practitioner who prides himself in knowing the system well it is unfair to be placed two thirds of the way down the list just because other firms have more CB clients than I do, regardless of their abilities, better or worse than me.

Therefore, to remove any bias, the default should be alphabetical.

To illustrate, how about if Partners had to compile a directory of all the accounting software providers to inform other partners and users, and compiled it with user base as the list criteria?

Say no more.

I'd still beat you with 123 !

PS is there any sense to the ordering of that list? Bigger names seem to be fairly early on. Should be on a fair rotation i'd have thought.

Hi Kevin - that gets my vote. Whilst you can sort them by clicking on the headers the default should really be in alpha order

Best change my name to AAA Platform Accounting then ;-)

The directory should have the option to be in the form of a map. This would make it easier for potential clients to consider firms in their area.


The current list is based on the number of clients each partner has. Kevin is slowly getting to the top spot though.

I think the certified training still needs to be checked with our internal team responsible for it. Maybe the list itself will be changed partially.


Just to deviate slightly; any news on when the certified trainer programme will be up and running again? I'd certainly like my special little tick at some point ;-)

Hi Kevin,

I have consulted this with my colleague, who will be in contact with you with regards to an update on the certified trainer programme.


Just to add to that, the certified partner training scheme is undergoing a revamp at the mo hence why the likes of me don't have a nice tick next to them - it's not for want of trying.

I make a smashing coffee though...

Kevin - can you PM me at please?

Regards Richard

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