Attachment listing system (please, read and consider this idea)

Idea suggested by Karolina Sauciunaite 7 years ago

I am a bit annoyed (and would guess that there are others like me too) with the attachment section in bills/invoices.

I would suggest to improve the attachment section by making the attachment visible once it is actually attached. Right now, when you add the attachment, under the "Attachment" section (it doesn't matter if it is a bill or invoice) clearbooks does not list what kind of files you have attached, no names, nothing. Sometimes you are not even sure if you attached the file or not. How you can check it? Well another a bit tedious process - you have to actually save the bill/invoice and then look at the top right corner of the bill/invoice, if it says "Attachment" (means you have attached the file and you can look at it) or if it says "Attach" that means no attachments exist. It tends to get a bit annoying especially when you are spending the whole day doing nothing but creating invoices/bills.

It would seem like a good idea at least to show the list of attached files in "Attachment" section. I t would be even better if you could click on the file and it would be displayed straight away. And if you would like to attach something else then again you go "Manage attachments" and add files you need.

I do hope that this particular section will be improved, whether this way or another.

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In addition to this idea, we would like there to be a separate place/tab to go to the attachments area from the dashboard. People find it quite difficult to grasp how to get to the attachments area.

Hi Karolina,

This has been implemented.

It is now possible to view a list of uploaded attachments when looking to apply an attachment to an invoice. Whilst in the list, file names and types are all displayed and when a file is selected to be attached it moves up to the attached area at the top of the screen and is removed from the pool of attachments. In reverse, an attachment can be unattached just as easily, by selecting the unattach option, which again places it back into the pool of attachments ready to be allocated. Attachments can also be viewed in the browser by clicking on the file.

These implementations are aimed at making the attachment process a lot more intuitive.

Thanks, Theo

Hi Ros,

Unfortunately, an independent attachments area/tab is yet to be developed. The idea is still on our request list and is still being veiwed.

Thanks for your patience, Theo

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