Keeping track of previous PAYE codes

Idea suggested by Ros Northmore 7 years ago

It would be helpful if there was a 'memo' type record within Open Payroll for noting PAYE code changes and the week or month they happen in, much like the old manual P11 deductions working sheets (yes I am that old!)

Once a code is changed for an employee, the only way to see their previous history is to view earlier payslips.

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Hi Ros,

Thank you for the suggestion. It would make sense for there to be some sort of audit trail for changes on Payroll, like we have on the Accounting module. I have forwarded your idea on to the developers and I will keep you updated of any further news, regarding this.

If you have any further questions, or need any other assistance, please do get in touch.

All the best, Natasha

An afterthought is that the screen view of the P11 for an employee is an ideal place to show the PAYE code which applied each month. After all that's how the free pay shown is calculated.

Hi Ros,

We are actually looking at including this as an update to the P11 report. So I will keep you posted of any developments.

All the best, Natasha

The same is true for salary changes

I see that the P11 report still does not show the PAYE codes which were used each month. Do you know when this is going to be updated or if an alternative way to keep track of codes and salary changes is going to be introduced?

Changing the nominal salary also appears to change historic payslips when reopening them

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