Put W1/M1 indicator on the salary page

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 7 years ago

Only a small thing but it would be more intuitive to have the W1/M1 box next to the tax code instead of on the other page with the employee details.

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Absolutely Kevin

Been asked for in the past.

Makes no sense to have the two fields separated, especially as the Employment details are for static data, whereas code status can change regularly.

Worth a tenner of anyone's money! But don't pledge it whilst making a comment as it refreshes the screen and you lose everything you've written!!!

Hi Kevin

As part of the AE feature CB has taken the opportunity to merge the employee's salary & details pages and we now have tax code & M1/W1 basis next to each other - Great stuff.

I noticed - works much better.

Hi All,

I would like to confirm as Paul has mentioned above the employee's salary & details pages have been consolidated bringing the tax code & M1/W1 basis together as requested.

Thanks, Theo

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