Due date for HMRC bills for payroll - weekly paid

Idea suggested by Stephen Youngs FCCA 9 years ago

It would be very useful if the HMRC bills generated by payroll for weekly paid staff had the correct due date, as they do for monthly paid. Having the wrong date makes it hard work explaining to clients how much they need to pay and when.

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Excellent idea and I'd include quarterly payables as well

Stephen / Paul

Thanks for your suggestion and comments. Agree that it would be a good improvement and help customers with weekly paid staff.

I have discussed with the open payroll team and they think it is some thing that could be covered in the near future.

I will keep you posted once the feature is made available.

Best regards


Hi Stephen and Paul,

This should be fixed now and the bill due date should be correct ( next tax month 22th) for HMRC taxes bills.


How about a setting for those who make quarterly payments?

Hi All,

This has been implemented and should run true for both weekly and quarterly paid employees as they do for monthly paid.

Thanks, Theo

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