Full HR & Payroll Intergration

Idea suggested by Dave Gibbs 7 years ago

CB an amazing and I believe very helpful feature would be that the HR & Payroll sections hold full integration.

as an example when holiday days are taken and it reaches a point that the employee has now exceeded their holiday allowance the deduction then automatically be added to the employees next payroll processed, the same concept with sick days/ maternity days etc, if a sick day is taken the employee's payroll is automatically adjusted to remove the basic and add the statutory pay, this would save the users having to manually adjust this information and will stop any errors etc.

additional to this in the HR section the exceeded holiday/ exceeded holiday deducted from payroll/ & sick pay added to payroll should then be clear and visible so at any point using HR to look at an employee you can see they have had X sick days, X sick days have been processed, X holiday taken, X holiday exceeded & X exceeded holiday processed in payroll.

also when an employee is being terminated from employment all these factors are adjusted off of the next available payroll processed to leave there salary in a position that they receive 1/ 2 final payments, parting nicely and amicably.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for pointing this out to us!

We are aware that our HR module may need further improvements and is currently in our pipeline. However, there isn't any immediate plan at the moment to fully integrate the two. I will make a note of the suggestions you've provided and hopefully, it can be approved and implemented in the future.



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