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Idea suggested by Simon Hancott 2 months ago

The new bills functionality to auto-read the documents is getting much more accurate and better to use. But there are some vital missing functionality in the bills inbox that wastes mne lots of time!

Firstly, the option to select multiple images to delete in one go when on the main screen. Many emails send the signature in multiple attachments and this takes ages to delete one by one. (see image). file

Furthermore, an option to delete when in an individual bill. It warns you it's a duplicate, but you have to go back to the bills inbox to delete it and you have no way of knowing which one it is.

The option to post credit notes through the bills inbox.

Viewing attachments is terribly cumbersome. In Xero when there is an attachment you can hover the button and a PDF appears. In Clearbooks i find i keep accidentally un-attaching the document and trying to reattach it!

And finally, a pop up with the PUR number when the invoice is posted. This is especially helpful if further actions is needed such as marking the invoice as paid or posting accruals/prepayment journals. Currently i have to remember something about the invoice such as the amount or vendor and use the search functionality to find the PUR number.

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Hi Simon.

The update to filter out email attachments that are not receipts or invoices has gone live today. For emails sent from now onwards, you won't see any new small image files appearing in the bills inbox.


Hi Simon

I'm really glad to hear your positive feedback on extraction accuracy. And thank you for your list of suggested improvements.

An option to delete when viewing an individual bill has been completed and will be released very soon. We are also looking into filtering out email attachments that are not images of invoices or receipts, to avoid having these in your bills inbox at all.

Showing the created bill reference is a great idea that we will consider. For now, you can view the 'PUR' reference of each document in the 'Done' area at the bottom of the bills inbox. We also have plans to identify bills as paid as they are created, so this would mitigate some of the need to find the saved bill later.

Posting credit notes and general attachment improvements are on our roadmap and your request for these has been noted.

Will keep you posted via this thread .


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