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News posted by Tim Fouracre 8 years ago

Product Roadmap We've always shied away from communicating a product roadmap as it sets an expectation that only leads to disappointment if delivery slips or priorities change.

Communicating what we're working on There has been some confusion recently over what we are working on, for example, this stripe integration thread.

This is totally our fault. We have addressed this by maintaining weekly updates about what the development team has delivered in the prior week and what we are working on in the coming week. Here's an example update. Hopefully this short term view provides the clarity on what is imminent and what the team is doing.

Final Accounts Final accounts is a tool that we believe will have widespread benefit to all the limited companies that use Clear Books and has therefore been a big priority in the development team. We are the first cloud vendor to launch our micro final accounts which is currently available to accountants in its beta stage.

Your ideas There are many many great ideas that have been submitted by our community. Some are easier to implement than others and the ones that tend to be long outstanding tend to be ones that are not as easy to do as you might think.

We do get through them though and have implemented more than 50% of the most popular 50 ideas.

With our Final Accounts project easing up, we are hopeful we can get through some more of your ideas in the coming months.

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Hi Jim,

The majority of small businesses will have their staging date in October 2015 or after. This is a few months off, so the plans I am about to present are in no way finalised. The new features to Payroll will be gradually released as and when they get finalised and developed. For example, we recently added the ability to enter your staging date within the Employer > Details page and are currently designing a report which will allow you to assess your workforce. Screenshots of both are shown below.



The goal for automatic enrolment is for all eligible workers to be automatically enrolled into a pension. Payroll will detect eligible jobholders and make sure that you, the employer, are enrolling them and providing at least the minimum amount. Together with the automatic enrolment there are some manual actions such as opting in and out which Payroll will support.

From our own experience of processing payroll pension data we appreciate the time required to submit your payroll data to your pension provider, so exports are another priority. All work so far has been looking at NEST. Later we'll look at community feedback to gauge demand for other pension providers.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the functionality we indent to introduce. The goal for this project is to save you time when processing payroll so if you have any ideas/suggestions please do contribute to the discussion below.

Many thanks, Adrian.

Hi Tim I know there a a few threads about Automatic enrolment for workplace pensions. As a user of Open Payroll I wonder if you could clarify Clearbooks intentions with this. I'm sure, like other user staging dates are approaching and decision need to be made. Many thanks Jim

It is now November 2015... when can we get some concrete news on what auto-enrollment pension schemes will integrate with clearbooks and how it will work?


It's more than a little disappointing to know nothing as yet with regard to Auto enrolment!!

I have three different accounts with Clearbooks and always recommend them, but my staging date for one client is now less than SIX MONTHS AWAY!!!!!!!

Thanks Adrian for the clarification. As you say staging date are still sometime off , July 2016 for us but it good to know Open Payroll will facilitate this.

Hi My staging date is April 2016. Do you think Clearbooks will have a provision by then?

Thanks Tim, I appreciate your response. It's reassuring to know what's being worked on now, and I hope you continue to communicate plans for the short–mid term roadmap.

I didn't know anything about Final Accounts until this blog post, but it does look interesting and I shall investigate it.

Hopefully more integrations can be factored in soon. As I'm sure you know, most successful SME SAAS businesses are growing off the back of integrations.

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