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Menu Update: New Tax menu

News posted by John Fouracre 9 months ago

Due to changes in preparation for MTD tax submissions, we are creating a new Tax top menu heading. The VAT return menu will be moving to this top heading with more to follow in future.

Current menu:




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Thanks John - any plans to add a more accurate Corp Tax calculator?

I'm afraid not, no - sorry Paul, we are currently working on mass explaining Transfers on statements which should (fingers crossed) be ready by the end of the week.

Thanks John. What's happened with this idea? I was just about to create an idea posting myself regarding VAT, and noticed your posting.

In a similar way to your suggested Tax top-level menu, to make accessing the VAT Reports page easier to access how about changing the Dashboard's VAT panel?


At present, both of the links in the first two boxes in the above screenshot take you to the same Transactions list, with the VAT account selected. How about changing the first link to go to the VAT Reports page? Then, all three links have different - and useful - purposes:

  1. 'VAT' navigates to VAT Reports
  2. The VAT owed '£ xxx.xx' amount navigates to Transactions on the VAT Account - no change
  3. The individual VAT return '£ xxx.xx' amounts navigates to the respective Purchase Bill - no change

It's only a minor change, but would make navigating to the VAT Returns page a little easier.

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