Payroll: Changing the pay rate box doesn't change the gross/hourly pay box above

Problem reported by Kevin Doran 6 years ago


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Hi Kevin, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Our Development Team will get a fix out for this as soon as they can.

Hi Kevin, further to my last reply it seems that if you save the form after switching to hourly rate, the form will update and you will be able to enter an hourly rate as expected.

Of course, doubt that's really what people would expect though in all honesty?

Like when you're adding a director as a supplier. You change the employment status box to director or employee and you're automatically presented with a list of revised fields.

Conditional logic or whatever the snazzy term might be...

Ah, apologies if that was misleading!

It is a bug and they are fixing it. My second comment was only in the spirit of a workaround until the fix goes live.

Lovely, thanks Richard...

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