Would be nice if your totals were correct (where credits appear in items)

Problem reported by Andy Miller 4 years ago

In the example below you will a credit provided to a customer. However you show this as a positive number so the total shown is out by a factor of twice the amount of the credit. Its things like this that cost us time because we have to check every total. Obviously I picked this as a very small example of a much bigger problem when using your system. The same issue occurs in many of your reports.

It would be nice if you could fix your totalling so things added up correctly


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Hi Andy,

Could you please email support@clearbooks.co.uk with more details regarding the credited invoice so that I can look into it further? A credit note would usually appear as a negative on this list.

Thanks, Tommy


Thought I should put it here rather than email in case anyone else confused by thread. The explanation is human - though perhaps the software could be improved. The list of invoices and total you see above was generated by asking to view a project. Whilst the invoice was labelled with the project the credit note was not. Hence the incorrect total.

Hi Andy,

I have looked into the problem. Whilst on my end, it seems that the credit notes do appear on the list for the related project. The way I did it was by going into Sales > Invoices and filtering by project. I am unsure to why the credit notes did not appear for you, it could be the way you filtered it? I would need you to send me some more details to support@clearbooks.co.uk to resolve this issue.

Thanks, Tommy

I added the project code for the credit note in question just a few minutes ago when I discovered the problem. So the total now appears correct. I had been viewing using the same method as you.

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