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HR module shows staff all company expenses..?

Problem reported by Merlin lyons 3 years ago

I am interested in using the facility to allow my staff access to submit expenses so thought best to set up a test user initially, I am glad I did in the expenses list for staff member is all of our company expenses which can be sensitive and not for Employee eyes.. is there a way to remove this?

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Hi Merlin,

If you head to manage users, you will have the ability to assign a user to an employee which would only allow them to see the expenses and payslips that applies to themselves.

You can find this through the Building icon in the top right corner of the screen, selecting Manage Users from the drop-down menu.

Could you advise to which user was the test employee that you used, so I can assess what may have been overlooked?

I hope this helps, Theo

Hi Theo Ive checked the manage user section and the correct name is allocated against the correct employee . The area I am referring to is when a staff member wants to add a receipt screen shot attached. When typing in *Receipt From it brings up all the companies suppliers / receipts list...?


On another note is it possible to upload a photo of a receipt when claiming and expense , I saw that an email address is assigned to the employee for them to send through images. How do we then match this image with the correct expense ?

I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Merlin,

Yes, this is the case as the employees will need to assign a supplier for their expense, whether that be Tesco or a company supplier so the list of suppliers is used to reduce the likelihood of duplication and to aid consistency.

How would you like this feature to function?

you can add images of receipts to expense claims by hitting the manage attachments button at the bottom of the expense creation form. From this screen, you will have the option to upload a file, which can be then attached to the expense form when sent for approval. As seen below.


I hope this helps, Theo

Hi Theo Thanks for your response the attachment upload facility is very handy.

You said: How would you like this feature to function?

I would choose which expenses were visible for the staff member. Most staff expenses are the same each month i.e stationary, travel, etc I would not feel happy giving them access to all the company suppliers and expenses list it would only take one member of staff to leave on bad terms who could take all the company suppliers from the expenses list which is sensitive information, Is this possible to hide ?

Thanks for your time.


Hi Merlin,

Unfortunately, this currently isn't possible. I appreciate your suggestion and will raise this with our development team for future consideration.



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